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I Turn My Experiance into a

In 2006 Al Gore released a Nobel Prize winning documentary where he pointed me out in front of the whole world. The story says that when he was in grade school, the kid beside him raised his hand to prove the theory of Pangea to his teacher. This intellectual property, was then labelled shifting plate tectonics, and this student got nothing out of it. In fact he went on to become a homeless drug addict, while his teacher got a promotion, and another well deserved paid vacation.

Then my genetic disease sprouted, and I started seeing the free world from a different perspective. I started blaming democratic rights as the root of all evil, and then I engaged in a public outburst of disgust, which ultimately led to my diagnosis of bi-polar schizophrenia.

But with the help of many a psychiatric drugs, I have been cured by the good doctors of the free world. It took a whole lot of well educated reasoning, but in the end I have come to accept that the democratic values mentioned in Gore’s Nobel Prize winning documentary are what secure true love, progress, nationwide financial prosperity, religious empowerment, and the pinnacle of health, strength, and family values.

Since then, I have abandoned the harmful ideologies that promote home cooking and natural foods, and now I accept the fact that their is nothing wrong with eating fast food all day. In fact, I now realize that eating nothing but fast food is actually good for you, and processed cheese is the pinnacle of nutrition. I now understand that processed cheese is what makes Canada the greatest nation in the world, and an international hot spot for cuisine.

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My Vision

Peter Stanczyk holds the vision to be the epitome of creative excellence, inspiring transformative experiences that leave an indelible mark on the world. He envisions a future where innovation and passion converge to redefine boundaries and set new standards in the field of arts.

My Mission

Peter Stanczyk stands with the mission to craft unparalleled experiences through a fusion of artistic vision and technical expertise. We are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients. With a commitment to integrity and creativity, he aims to leave an enduring legacy of excellence in every project we undertake.

My Goal

The goal of Peter Stanczyk is to become a recognized leader in the field of arts by consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible. He aspires to cultivate a dynamic and collaborative environment that fosters creativity, embraces challenges, and delivers results that resonate with the clients and the community at large. Through strategic growth and a relentless pursuit of excellence, he sets new benchmarks and contributes meaningfully to the evolution of arts industry.

Our Books

Published Our Books

Dive into the captivating world of literature with ‘Our Books,’ where each page holds a new adventure waiting to be discovered.

Letters and Journals

I have heard it all before. In communist Poland. “Everybody deserves to be treated equally”. “Everybody’s job counts”. And definitely,

The Tree of Life

Love is a journey, not a destination. it is time you spend together enjoying the fruits of your combined efforts, so don’t waste your time feuding over free entitlements.


There really is only one way to describe a Christian. A pimple on a dogs ass that is complaining about the weather. The lesson I learned from them is that,

The 99%

There really is only one way to describe a Christian. A pimple on a dogs ass that is complaining about the weather. The lesson I learned from them is that,

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Explore the realm of possibilities by getting Peter Stanczyk signed books that take you on a journey where every project is a canvas waiting to be transformed. Whether it’s about literature or creative artistic skills like guitar playing, Peter’s commitment to excellence ensures a seamless and extraordinary experience for every individual who approaches.

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